PLUTON Freeze WPSF // 20 – 260 kW // R404a, R449a // Piston compressors

PLUTON watercooled chillers of WPSF series are indoor installations and are well suited for projects where rooftop or outdoor installations are limited.

WPSF chillers are suitable for solving industrial and technological goals where it is required to ensure low coolant temperatures and constant operation of installations 24/7. Thanks to reciprocating compressors, the WPSF chillers will last a long time.

Cabinets of PLUTON chillers are made of galvanized steel with a special anti-corrosion coating and stainless fasteners, which is the key to long-term operation in any conditions.

The main components of the chiller refrigerant circuit:

  • piston compressors
  • brazed and plate evaporators (BPHE)
  • brazed and plate condensers (BPHE)
  • electronic expansion valves (EEV)

The WPSF chiller control system is designed based on Carel c.PCO controllers.

Each WPSF chiller is equipped as standard with: sound-silent panels, remote display, wire numbering, phase control relays, high and low pressure gauges, grooved pipes and victaulics, rubber vibration mountings.

You can get more detailed information about chillers in our catalogs. If you have any questions, you can always contact our sales office.
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